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Misty Harbor Pontoon Boats & Ultracraft Aluminum Fishing Boats

KEVCON Corp. has been manufacturing high quality pontoon boats under the well known Misty Harbor brand since 1990. Our original product line was exclusively high performance pontoon boats that became very well know as the "SkiToon" series. In 1992 traditional round log pontoons were added and have grown over the years to become our primary pontoon product line. Today, the full range of pontoon products include 32 different models ranging from 14ft. to 26 ft. in length.


KEVCON also has been manufacturing a full line of aluminum fishing boats since 1996 under the Misty Harbor brand. We recently launched these fishing boats under the Ultracraft brand name to provide them with their own distinctive brand name for the future. Both brands are manufactured in a well-maintained 115,000 square ft. facility located in Fort Dodge, Iowa. We are extremely proud of our people and our products and we hope that it shows!


Misty Harbor Pontoon Boats

Misty Harbor is proud to introduce our NEWEST model of pontoons in product year 2013: Skye! The Skye series is our top of the line pontoon that offers the ultimate in luxury and convenience. From supple soft-touch upholstery to an elegantly designed fiberglass console, boaters are wrapped in the finest of quality materials and standard features available in the market. The exterior of the craft is inspired by a time of youth when America was imprinted with style and flare. Owners can design Skye's decorative rails in two-tone configurations with swept center wings that accent color choices. Exterior LED lights punch through the night sky to deliver you safely to the port of your choice. An abundance of comfortable chaise lounges with teak appointments throughout the boat add to the overall look and appeal. The rear deck is covered with teak vinyl and an integrated rear swim platform that provides easy access to the water. The telescoping stainless steel rear ladder allows swimmers quick access to the craft. Available in six different configurations: 2385SG, 2385SU, 2385SR, 2685SG, 2685SU and 2685SR, Skye will satisfy your every want.


The Biscayne Bay series offers full-feature pontoon boats that come in a variety of family cruiser styles as well as fishing models, and has been our most popular series in Misty Harbor's lineup since its introduction in model year 2010. All have an 8 ½ ft. wide beam and full-length decks of 20 ft, 22 ft or 25 ft. Cross members on the 22 ft. and 25 ft. decks are built with 12" centers on the back two feet of the deck, and 16" centers on the remaining section to reduce flex. Biscayne Bay cruiser models feature an exciting look with sculptured side rails that sweep gracefully from front to rear and are complemented by eye-catching graphic schemes. Biscayne Bay also comes with standard vinyl on the rear deck, a large padded aft deck for sunbathing, and up to 3 chaise lounges for added comfort. Our popular rear lounge cruiser brings luxury and value together in the most favorable way. The sport reclining captain's chair with armrests and seat slider keeps the captain of the boat completely comfortable all day long. A premium CD player, full instrumentation and mahogany accents are all standard equipment on Biscayne Bay.


The Adventure series is our most popular value-packed models that offer a host of fine features at very affordable prices. Loaded with standard items like CD player, four speakers, upgraded instrumentation, rear vinyl, built in 26 gallon fuel tank, 12 volt accessory outlet on the dash, and at least one up to three chaise lounges depending upon the model. The Adventure series offers the best value around in a full-feature pontoon boat.


Our TripleToon option converts a traditional pontoon boat into a high-performance boat that runs fast, pulls multiple skiers and handles rough water like a dream. The TripleToon option can be fitted with up to a 250 horsepower motor due to the fact that it includes a third center-mounted tube, and it gains greater performance by including an under deck performance shield, lifting strakes and hydraulic steering. This package is perfect for those who desire the highest level of performance on the water in an all-in-one convenient package. The Tripletoon is available on all Skye, Biscayne Bay, and most Adventure models.


A still greater value is the Explorer series that is available in a number of different layouts to satisfy everyone's specific needs. These models are available in various configurations and are built upon 14 ft., 16 ft., 18 ft. and 20 ft. decks that can be appointed with numerous options according to each customer's own particular preference. However, paying less does not mean you're getting less. These boats hold the same quality construction and value that all of our other models hold as we integrate quality materials with the same standards of construction that have built Misty Harbor into a leading manufacturer of pontoons in the industry. Check out all 11 models -- there has to be a perfect choice for you!


Ultracraft Aluminum Fishing Boats

Ultracraft fishing boats are also manufactured by KEVCON Corp. and are targeted for the more discriminating buyer who wants a lot of boat for their hard-earned money. These boats have been manufactured under the Misty Harbor brand since 1996, but were recently launched as Ultracraft to provide a distinct brand for the aluminum fishing boat line. Boats from 12 ft. to 18 ft. 9" are available in 16 different models and configurations ranging from light-weight car-top vee hulls and utility fishing boats to a broad line of deep vee aluminum fishing boats. Many come standard with large aerated live wells, rod lockers, comfortable fishing seats and a host of other amenities. Our newest hulls, the Stealth series, feature a distinctive look with a lot of bow rake and wide bottoms that give these models tremendous performance characteristics while looking great at the same time. With their stylish new graphics and high performance profile, the Stealths are sure to turn some heads. Ultracraft -- is a new name making waves in the boating industry!


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