History of Misty Harbor Boats

Misty Harbor has been a family owned company since its inception. Our company began in 1989 with the exclusive production of a very well known regional performance pontoon known as the "SkiToon." In 1990 Dave and Lisa Wilson purchased the company, and in 1992 converted our production to the very popular cylinder tubes that have become a standard in the industry. In 1993 our production plant moved from Humbolt, Iowa to the current 115,000 square foot facility in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Since then Misty Harbor's dealer network has methodically grown from a handful of regional boat dealers to world wide distribution. We continue to maintain our commitment to provide our customers quality built boats that have proven to be the best value one can buy today. With 35 different pontoon models included in our Skye, Biscayne Bay, Adventure, and Explorer series, customers have their choice of 12 to 26 feet long decks to choose from.


Misty Harbor pontoon boats are made in America's heartland. We build these boats with a sense of pride knowing that our products are providing pleasure to every passenger who joins us in Misty Harbor. Thank you for making our company a leader in the industry.