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2014 Misty Harbor Brochures Released

August 23, 2013


2014 Misty Harbor Brochures Released


The 2014 Misty Harbor brochures have been printed and are being distributed at next week's Misty Harbor Annual Dealer Meeting in Fort Dodge, Iowa.  “Many dealers have asked for promotional material that helps them present our product to potential customers in a very timely fashion, so our company has worked hard to get these brochures to our dealers at just the right time,” states Jeff Martin, Director of Marketing and Sales.


Misty Harbor hired a professional photography company, and a new layout and design team to produce the brochure ahead of the meeting. “We were working hard to make sure everything was in place to give our dealers the best information quickly and professionally,” noted Matt Havlik, Director of Engineering Services.  Indeed, it took a team of people to get everything in place and distributed for all to see the numerous improvements available in 2014.


Dealers will be receiving cases of updated brochures very soon.  If one is interested in getting hold of a brochure more immediately, there is a “Request” option on the Misty Harbor website.