Misty Life

Disconnecting to Reconnect!

September 4, 2013


It's come to my attention that I’m so connected to my electronic devices that disconnecting to reconnect with those I love is proving to be a feat in and of itself. That’s why spending time in Misty Harbor has become a favorite pastime.


Last weekend I took my family out in Misty Harbor’s Skye to spend some quality time on the Satilla River for Labor Day. My father, wife and three of my four children piled into the boat with a cooler packed with treats . Notably, all three of my teenaged daughters brought their phones with them as did I… however I brought my phone for practical purposes ;-). As soon as I paired my phone to the Infinity Bluetooth stereo system, I opened a GPS app to properly navigate the tributaries ahead in an effort to avoid alligator nesting areas!


So with my favorite tunes pumping through the sound system, the sun shining warm against our sunscreened skin, and smiles all around I watched my children turn into nature’s paparazzi. They weren’t texting or calling, tweeting or Facebooking, rather they were taking pictures of the memories we were making and loving every minute of it. This is what I was hoping for. Then one of the best parts of the day unfolded: with tubes and floats my wife and daughters slipped into the water and floated along with the current as I trailed behind them in the boat. They splashed and giggled. They paddled through the dark water and raced to and from the pontoon boat. It was pure joy!


Once they tired of their inflatables, each of them piled back onto the pontoon and each chose a chaise lounge for themselves. They stretched back and drifted off for naps while they caught some rays.


Dad and I journeyed through the course before us, and we saw nature scenes that we hadn’t seen since I was a child. We talked about times way back when, and completely gorged ourselves with revelry. It was splendid!


Soon enough we were back to the landing and it was time to trailer this awesome pontoon and head home. Getting off the grid and back into what really matters came easy on Misty Harbor's Skye SU.