Misty Life

New Release - Sport Recliner Seat

To: All Misty Harbor Customers: 3/16/2012


Misty Harbor has just released the new “Sport Recliner” seat. This seat is similar to our Deluxe Recliner which comes standard on the Grand Mistique and Signature Series, only it has a shorter back and does not come with a headrest. This seat is available as an upgrade from our “Bucket Seat” which is the standard seat that comes on most of the Explorer, Adventure and Biscayne Bay Series of pontoon models.


The Sport Recliner features a reclining back and self-leveling armrests. The armrests can be flipped up and out of the way when desired. You may also use this seat as an upgrade for the fishing seats that come standard on most of our fishing pontoons. With the lower back, you can see over it more easily from the driver’s helm when the Sports Recliner is used as a fishing seat in the front of the boat.


This new seat will provide a high level of comfort and adjustability that will make using your Misty Harbor a truly pleasurable experience.


Please contact your Misty Harbor dealer for pricing and availability.


Dave Hepperle
Sales & Marketing Manager
Misty Harbor & Ultracraft