Misty Life

New Website for Misty Harbor

September 17, 2013



New Website for Misty Harbor


It's Misty Harbor's pleasure to present our new website. Here you will be able to view product images, get specifications on various boats, and enjoy a slideshow of pictures for every model that Misty Harbor has available… with videos added!!!


"This new website will provide the most requested information as well as visual content that keeps our site fresh," stated Tom Christy, Director of Production. "Misty Harbor has gained a flurry of interest from educated consumers, and the website update will be a welcomed repository for everything Misty Harbor does."


Included in the website will be a location for News Releases and a blog about "Misty Life" written by Jeff Martin, Director of Marketing and Sales. Bookmarking the site will be most helpful to those who want to keep in tune with what’s happening at Misty Harbor.


Make sure you also visit Misty Harbor's online communities via Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, and Linkdin. Staying connected and sharing your love of Misty Harbor with friends and family has never been so easy.