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5 Reasons to Buy a Pontoon Boat

Thu, Jan 07, 2016 at 11:00AM

If you resolved to spend more time with family in 2016, now might be the perfect time to pick up the new pontoon boat you’ve been dreaming of. A pontoon boat can provide you and your loved ones with fun on the water and memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

Below, we are looking at the top five reasons to buy a pontoon boat in 2016.

The space factor

Pontoon boats are known and loved for the space they offer passengers. On other types of boats, you and your passengers may be hard pressed to find space to do what you want—whether that’s fishing, sunbathing or simply enjoying the view. However, a pontoon boat offers you enough space to do it all… and then some!

Because of their open layout and generous amount of seating and deck space, pontoon boats are perfect for families or boaters who love to entertain.


If you like adding your own personal touch to your watercraft, a pontoon boat may just be the boat for you. With so many customizations available, both prior to purchase and following, you can always ensure you’re navigating a boat that was made for you. You can add lighting and a speaker system if you love to entertain, for example, and can even deck out your pontoon boat for a family camping trip with an enclosure and slide to attach to the side of your boat! The customization options are virtually endless.


Anyone who’s ever owned or ridden any type of boat knows the need for good (and spacious) storage on board. That’s exactly what pontoon boats strive to offer. When you step onto a pontoon boat, you’ll find hidden storage just about everywhere, from under the seats to under the floor itself. For family parties and long trips, you will be able to bring all the snacks and gear you’ll need without being pressed for valuable deck space—and that’s always something to appreciate!

Something for everyone

The spaciousness and style of a pontoon boat makes it apt for just about any type of fun. If your passengers enjoy fishing, the deck is wide and smooth enough to accommodate that. If they like sunbathing or enjoying the sights and sounds of the water from a cozy seat on deck, they can comfortably do that as well. You can even host a fun family dinner on board after a day of swimming! For boaters who want versatility in their watercraft, the pontoon boat offers it all.

Family time

Of course, the best reason to buy a pontoon boat in 2016 is the family time you have to gain when buying one. If you grew up in a boating family, you know just how meaningful this time together can be—and even if you didn’t, you know value of memories made doing things as a family. A pontoon boat gives you and your family the chance to gather around, enjoy an afternoon of fun and relaxation, and forget about the world on land… for at least a little while!

Are you interested in purchasing a pontoon boat to enjoy in the coming months? Contact us today for a brochure that tells you everything you need to know!



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